We Came As Romans pay tribute to Kyle Pavone at first gig since his death

"Great things can be taken from you in a heartbeat"

We Came As Romans paid tribute to their late frontman Kyle Pavone as they played their first gig since their weekend this week.

Pavone was taken to hospital in Michigan on August 19 before his death on August 25. The band then issued a statement to reveal that he died of an overdose – as well as setting up the Kyle Pavone Foundation. Last week, the band shared a video on Facebook in which co-vocalist Dave Stephens states that We Came As Romans will be continuing, ahead of a scheduled tour with Bullet for My Valentine. This week, they returned to the stage for a 10-song set in St Louis with Stephens on vocals.

“A few weeks ago, we lost our best friend our bandmate our brother, our singer/keyboardist Kyle Pavone, and this is our first show that we’ve done without him,” said Stephens introducing the track ‘Lost in the Moment’. “Thank you, guys, for being so accepting tonight.”

He continued: “This is something I wasn’t sure we’d ever get to do again. I think it’s what he would have wanted. I think it’s the best way to honour his legacy.

“One of the things that I admired most about him was his ability to not regret his past, not worry about his future and live in the present and enjoy that moment because he believed things could change so quickly and those great things could be taken from you in a heartbeat.”

Fans then started to rapturously chant “Kyle”. Check out footage from the show below.

Speaking of his death last month, the band said: “The opposite of addiction is connection. If you are feeling disconnected or lost, there is help. Please take action, whether that is talking to your families and friends, meeting with a counsellor or joining a support group.

“If you are a friend of family member of someone who is struggling, do not be silent! If you are an artist in need of support through your struggle, we have created the Kyle Pavone Foundation in Kyle’s honour to help.”

We Came As Romans’ Kyle Pavone

Forming in 2005, Pavone joined the group in 2008 following the departure of Chris Moore. Pavone became the longest serving vocalist of the band, releasing five studio albums with the group including their most recent,’Cold Like War’ in 2017.