Camera Obscura reveal new album details

'My Maudlin Career' is due out this spring

Camera Obscura have revealed details of their forthcoming album.

The follow-up to 2006’s ‘Let’s Get Out Of This Country’ is called ‘My Maudlin Career’ and is due out in the US on April 21 on their new label, 4AD. It was produced by Swedish producer Jari Haapalainen (Peter, Bjorn and John, The Concretes).

“Some people who have heard (the new album) say it’s intense and quite dark,” frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell said in a statement. “We were even more open and brave when making it than we were with the last record. I’ve never been so brutal when its come to writing lyrics. I wouldn’t even call them lyrics. Just documentation of what was going on with me for a while,” she said.


The album’s title track can be streamed from the band’s website and MySpace page and can be downloaded for free by those who sign up to the band’s new mailing list.

The album tracklisting is:

‘French Navy’

‘Sweetest Thing’

‘You Told A Lie’

‘Away With Murder’




‘Careless Love’

‘My Maudlin Career’

‘Forests And Sands’

‘Other Towns And Cities’

‘Honey In The Sun’

The Glaswegians are set to perform at Austin’s South by Southwest festival in March.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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