Camila Cabello pulls out of Taylor Swift tour date

"I will make it up as soon as I can".

Camila Cabello has pulled out of supporting Taylor Swift on her Reputation Tour in Seattle after suffering dehydration.

The singer explained that she was checked into hospital after performing at the Billboard Awards and told she  has ‘a low grade fever’.

“After my performance at the Billboards I was feeling really sick and ended up in the hospital to get checked out”, she explained.

“They ran a lot of tests and everything is fine, but the diagnosis was basically dehydration and I also have a low grade fever.

“The doctors have told me I really have to rest otherwise I won’t get better – so unfortunately I won’t be able to perform my set during the Reputation tour tomorrow.”

“I’m so sorry to let you guys down and I promise I will make it up as soon as I can”.

It isn’t clear if the cancellation will subsequently affect her planned UK dates, with a scheduled performance at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea scheduled on Sunday 27 May.

Last week, Camila released ‘Sangria Wine’, her collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

The sultry jam is heavily influenced by Latino rhythms, and features an extended section that sees Cabello rapping in Spanish.

 It’s also anchored by a chorus that sees both Cabello and Williams’ vocals coming together to belt out the title phrase.