“I thought I was making art before”: Camila Cabello teases new music

Something’s coming on Thursday

Camila Cabello has hinted at new music with a video titled “What Do I Know About Love?”. According to her social media teasers, she might release something as soon as this Thursday.

The video was uploaded to her YouTube channel on Saturday (August 31). It features the former Fifth Harmony member delivering a monologue about love, wonder and romance over footage of herself in the forest and by the ocean.

“I’ve learned a lot about love in my 20s, but not enough to maintain any control in the face of its power,” Cabello says in the video. “And for every new thing I learned, there was something else I couldn’t understand.”

“I thought I was making art before,” she continues. “Writing songs was me making art but now I want my life to be a work of art, and my songwriting to be the camera that I take a picture of it with.” Watch the full video below:

Cabello also posted to Instagram a photo of herself sitting on a pedestal between Roman columns, as well as a brief video of herself as a cyborg. A golden key opens a heart locket embedded in her chest, revealing the inner machinery of her body.

“Welcome to the world of Romance,” a message reads. “You are cordially invited to experience the first installment on September 5, 2019. Truly surrender to the drama. Courtesy of Camila Cabello.” See the two posts below:

Cabello’s most recent release is ‘Señorita’, her joint single with Shawn Mendes which won Best Collaboration at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. She made her solo debut with the album ‘Camila’ last year.