Camila Cabello’s debut album ‘Camila’ breaks iTunes record

The former Fifth Harmony member released her debut solo album last week

Camila Cabello has broken an iTunes record with her debut solo album ‘Camila‘.

The singer was a member of girl group Fifth Harmony, who formed in 2012 during the US version of The X Factor, until December 2016.

Since the release of ‘Camila’ on Friday (January 12), the album has gone to Number One on 99 iTunes charts around the world, making Cabello the first solo artist to achieve that many top spots in the platform’s history.


In a four-star review of ‘Camila’, NME called the record a “strong and surprisingly confident first impression.” 

Last week, the singer explained why she left Fifth Harmony. In an interview with the New York Times, Cabello explained that her 2015 solo collaboration with Shawn Mendes, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, caused tension among the group.

She also stated that when she asked to help write lyrics for Fifth Harmony songs, she was rebuffed. Cabello “initially wanted to stay in the group while working on a solo album,” the report suggests, “but the other members shut her out instead”.

“I was just curious and I wanted to learn and I saw all these people around me making music, writing songs and being so free,” Cabello said. “I just wanted to do that and it did not work.”