Title means 'Good Look Good Style' "which is what it's all about really"...

Campag Velocet release their long-awaited debut album, ‘Bon Chic Bon Genre’, on September 27 through PIAS Recordings.

The 11-track record was produced by Paul Schroeder, who has previously worked with The Verve, The Stone Roses and Beth Orton. Frontman Pete Voss revealed the title of the record had been taken from an article in a French magazine about sado-masochism.

He said: “The article was called ‘Bon Chic Bon Genre’ which means ‘Good Look Good Style’, which is what it’s all about really.”


Voss also said that album track ‘Harsh Shark’ reflected Campag‘s experiences in the music industry.

He said: “It’s partly about record companies being harsh sharks and the industry. The record companies are floating dead in the sea. We’ve been fucked about by them for absolutely ages and they haven’t taken the bait. They didn’t bother to consume it so we’ve left them dead in the sea.”

Meanwhile, the band hope to tour in September, dates will be announced soon.

Of the live shows, frontman Pete Voss said: “The crowd will be expecting Campag busting their balls. That’s the whole aim.”