Campaign to cancel Eminem on TikTok persists after he bites back with new video

"He is such a narcissist"

A campaign started on TikTok calling for Eminem to be cancelled has been further spotlighted by people’s reactions to the rapper’s new ‘Tone Deaf’ lyric video.

On Thursday (March 5) Eminem released a new animated video for the 2020 ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B’ track, featuring the lyric: “I won’t stop even when my hair turns grey (I’m tone-deaf)/ ‘Cause they won’t stop until they cancel me.”

The line was seen by fans as a retort to a TikTok campaign that appeared to have started in February but gained traction over the past week.


A TikTok user, who as Newsweek reports looks to have since been banned from the short-form video app, posted a clip last month that called for Em’s cancellation thanks to a violent lyric in his 2010 Rihanna collaboration ‘Love the Way You Lie’ (“If she ever tries to fucking leave again/ I’ma tie her/ To the bed and set this house on fire“).

Now, following Eminem’s clap back with the ‘Tone Deaf’ video, people have continued to debate the issue online. One Twitter user called the discourse the “biggest bullshit I’ve heard this year”, while another wrote: “Have always disliked [Eminem], he is such a narcissist. This I like, please cancel him. #canceleminem.”

The debate is ostensibly pitting Millennials against Gen Z, with the former group of older Eminem fans largely coming to the rapper’s defence and saying that the younger generation is decades late to being offended by an artist known for controversial statements.

After the original TikTok user called for Eminem’s cancellation, a number of comments circulated backing that same cause before Eminem’s “stans” came to fight back.


It now looks as if Eminem’s defenders are dominating the online space. “They’re also about 20 years too late to the #canceleminem trend lmao,” wrote one fan today (March 8), while another said: “Gen z even tho I’m part of y’all Bro @Eminem is one of the most influential rappers of all time why does cancel culture gotta try to cancel someone due to their past YALL weird.”

Elsewhere, a Twitter user wrote that ‘Tone Deaf’ tells “the story of how one man butchered a whole generation #canceleminem #nocando #degenerationZ #CancelCulture #fckcancel #cancelZ” while another anti-Eminem user joked: “Dear, Gen z..There’s no need to #canceleminem he hasn’t been relevant in almost 2 decades.”

Last week saw TikTok users sampling other’s videos. One user, ‘j_e_e_b’ filmed himself crying ironically to a clip posted by “Milennial” ‘cassiesmith607’ whom had rapped in Eminem’s defence over a snippet of his 2000 Dr Dre collaboration ‘Forgot About Dre’.


#duet with @cassiesmith607 i hate millennials I hate millennials I hate #millennials you guys are actually so old #McDonaldsCCSing #fyp

♬ forgot about dre – meez

‘J_e_e_b’ captioned his clip “i hate millennials I hate millennials I hate #millennials you guys are actually so old”, further stoking the flames of the dispute.

See more reactions, videos and comments below:


Stitch with @snmmerr #greenscreenvideo #eminem

♬ original sound – Sav!

In other news, last week Conway The Machine hinted that a collaboration with Eminem and The Alchemist is on the way.

Conway is signed to Eminem’s label Shady Records and released his debut solo album ‘From King To A GOD’ in 2020. No o

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