Rapper Cam’ron hides cereal boxes with $100 inside around New York

Locations of the 'Killa Crunch' boxes are being announced via Twitter

Cam’ron has launched a new promotional campaign with Virgin Mega, which involves the rapper hiding cereal boxes filled with money around various locations in New York.

While the boxes of ‘Killa Crunch’ don’t have any actual cereal inside them, they do contain $100 (£68) and a t-shirt in each. Locations of the boxes are being announced via Twitter.

See photos of the boxes below. It’s not yet known what the cereal boxes are aiming to promote.


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Last year, Cam’ron released his very own branded Ebola mask. Despite the fact that Ebola is not airborne (it spreads through contact with bodily fluids), the hip-hop star claimed that his product – which contained a picture of his own face emblazoned on the front – “provides complete protection” from the disease.

“Wrap it up and protect yourself from Ebola just like Killa Cam!” read the description on Cam’ron’s online store. “Provides complete protection while remaining light and comfortable. Polypropylene outer facing offers a soft, fluid protection barrier while the cellulose inner facing assures comfort and breathability. A full-width nosepiece guarantees proper fit. Latex-free ear loops.”

The mask was being sold for £12 ($19.99).

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