Canadian police force apologises for threatening to play Nickelback to drink-drivers

Kensington Police Service had warned they would subject those under the influence to 'Silver Side Up'

A Canadian police force who threatened to punish drink-drivers by forcing them to listen to Nickelback has apologised.

Kensington Police Service had warned that anyone caught driving when under the influence of alcohol would be made to listen to the local rock band’s third album, ‘Silver Side Up’, on the way to the police station.

The department, which serves the 146,283 residents of Prince Edward Island, announced the deterrent in a post on Facebook.


Now, in a new Facebook posting via the Kensington Police Department from Constable Rob Hartlen, the officer discusses how the decision was ill advised, how he’s apologised to the band and how he hopes to get the message out on drunk driving.

It reads: “So what do you do when you use a joke to carry a message, but the message turns into the joke? As we have seen, our little post became an international story. And somewhere in the noise, the message of Don’t Drink and Drive was overshadowed by negativity towards the band I said I would play if you did.

“At first I admit I was fine with the way I worded the post. I was sure a hugely successful band would be fine with a little good will shade thrown their way, after all it’s for a good cause. But the more successful the post became the less the Don’t Drink and Drive message was mentioned and the fact we love or love to hate Nickelback took centre stage.

“That prompted me to think less about Nickelback as the ‘Entity’ and more about the four guys, four human beings from Alberta who were dragged into this international story. And the more I thought about that,the less funny the humour seemed. I was accused of making light of Drinking and Driving. I was stunned by that.”

Hartlen added: “I am sorry to Chad, Ryan, Mike and Daniel. Not as just members of Nickelback, but more importantly as fellow Canadians. I’m sorry guys because I didn’t take a moment to think of you AS just guys. Having to watch as media around the world takes a pot shot at you and having no way to defend yourself.”


You can read the full post below:

So what do you do when you use a joke to carry a message, but the message turns into the joke? The other day I created…

Posted by Kensington Police Service on Friday, December 2, 2016

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