Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shared a summer Spotify playlist featuring Drake, Shawn Mendes and R.E.M.

The politician's mix features 39 songs from Canadian and international artists

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shared his own summer Spotify playlist, featuring the likes of Drake, Shawn Mendes and R.E.M.

The 45-year-old politician has collated a mix of 39 songs by artists who hail from Canada and across the rest of the world.

“What am I listening to this summer? What should I be?” he asked on Twitter when sharing the playlist with his followers.

The “PM Mix” also features tracks from Robert Plant, Fiona Apple, k.d. lang and Alessia Cara. You can listen to it below, via The Herald.

PM Mix

A mix of old and new favourites currently in heavy rotation on my iPad. Nice and mellow for the most part. Pairs well with sunshine and long days… enjoy. Sur mon iPad, un mélange de mes chansons favorites du moment et d’autrefois joue en boucle. Ça convient bien au soleil et aux longues journées..

Trudeau’s playlist follows former US President Barack Obama’s regular playlists. Last August, Obama uploaded his own summer mix, which gave the presidential seal of approval to The Beach Boys, Prince and Nas.

The playlist also featured newer tracks by Chance the Rapper’s ‘Acid Rap’ and Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’ but mostly the then-POTUS selected classics by Janet Jackson, D’Angelo, Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin.

While Obama was preparing to leave the White House earlier this year, he joked about taking a job at Spotify.

With all eyes on his next move, the US president quipped that he was looking for an opening at the Swedish streaming company, telling former Swedish ambassador Mark Brzezinski: “I’m still waiting for my job at Spotify.”

Writer Natalia Brzezinski, the diplomat’s wife, recounted the exchange between the two in a post on Instagram. “I loved visiting you in Stockholm, it was my favourite trip,” he said, referring to his 2013 trip there. “I plan to go back there really soon.” The president went on to suggest that there might be a place for him at Spotify, riffing that Daniel Ek and company would want him on board “Cuz’ I know y’all loved my playlist.”