Cancer Bats: ‘Fleet Foxes have inspired our new album’

Liam Cormier also reveals the title of his band's fourth studio effort

Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier has revealed that his band have taken in an unusual influence for their fourth studio album in the shape of Fleet Foxes.

Cormier, who has also revealed that the Canadian hardcore band’s fourth studio album will be titled ‘Dead Set On Living’, said that his band had made sure they didn’t write a “traditional hardcore record”.

Asked about the influences for ‘Dead Set On Living’, Cormier told Spinner: “In a lot of ways we get really inspired by non-metal bands. For me, I find I really like looking at other things because I just don’t want to make a traditional hardcore record lyrically. So for me, I listen to a lot of indie rock and I’ve been getting super psyched on a lot of that, like the new ‘Helplessness Blues’ by Fleet Foxes“.

Cormier also said that the band had been mindful not to move away from their established sound on their new album, saying: “I love what we do. I don’t want to make this record be us trying to be Muse or us trying to extend ourselves into other things, like me trying to do clean singing parts so we can get played on the radio. When you hear bands that you love try shit like that it’s just such a bum-out”.

The frontman had told NME in the summer that his band were “ready to party” on their fourth album and reaffirmed that by adding: “We really looked at it like, ‘Let’s make this album the ultimate party in every way that I know Cancer Bats fans want to get down.’ Because I’m not sick of what we do, I fucking love playing these songs every night. That’s the kind of vibe I still want to have going”.

‘Dead Set On Living’ is set to be released in the spring of 2012.