The star labels his contemporaries "monkey faced rappers" who can't really cut it...

WYCLEF JEAN protege CANIBUS has cranked up a war of words with JAY-Z, BEANIE SIGEL and the ROC-A-FELLA stable, labelling them “monkey faced rappers” unable to really cut it.

Canibus, who has just released his third album ‘C: True Hollywood Stories’, was responding to a remark Sigel made on a recent album dissing him. Canibus told allhiphop.com: “I figure he [Sigel] thinks since life is gravy for him cause he’s on the ROC, he just don’t have a care in the world and can just say anything on record.

“I still think he gets busy… But as far as rhyme for rhyme, seeing me? If any one of these monkey faced rappers wanna [battle] with me just name the date and place. Don’t just talk on record.”

It is not the first time the confrontational rapper has gone out of his way to wind up higher profile stars. He found himself in the middle of a prolonged war of words with LL Cool J several years ago that began after the star deleted Canibus’ cameo from the track ‘4, 3, 2, 1’.