“The canvas is open”: Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett talks solo album ‘Hard Lessons’

“I have those moments when I’m like ‘I could do anything'."

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has described how his second album gave him a “totally different perspective” when it came to recording.

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Shiflett will release ‘Hard Lessons’ on June 14, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘West Coast Town’.


“I think it’s always fun to go out and play with different people. “I’ve worked on my last couple of records with almost the same crew of people. Most of the same folks in the same studio and it’s been fun and a huge learning curve.”

The record also sees Shiflett taking full creative control, a contrast to the shared experience of creating seven albums with Foo Fighters over 20 years in the band.

“The way [Dave] Cobb makes records is totally different to the way we make records in the Foo Fighters,” explained Shiflett. “It’s just a very different experience and my role is so different because you’re writing the songs and singing so you just have a totally different perspective.

He continued: “In Foo Fighters I’m there to support Dave [Grohl]’s creative vision. He comes in with a song and I try to work out a guitar part that slots in.”

Chris Shiflett says that his solo work is different to life with the Foos

However, he admits that the blank canvas can sometimes prove challenging.


“It’s interesting making solo records because the whole canvas is open and then you get in and you’re like ‘what the fuck should I do?’ I have those moments when I’m like ‘I could do anything, what am I supposed to do?’ That’s what Dave Cobb is for and he’s usually right.”

The record’s release comes almost 20 years since Shiflett joined the band in August 1999. One of the closest shows to the anniversary will come when Foo Fighters headline Reading & Leeds festivals in August.

“There’s some days on tour that feel like 100 years!,” said Shiflett of his 20 years with the band. “It flies by but then you look at what my life was 20 years ago and that seems like an eternity ago. It’s amazing, but I’ve never done anything for 20 years.”

Elsewhere, Shiflett discusses how the record comments on modern politics. “It’s certainly inspired by what we’ve all been living through post-216 election cycle. It’s not intended to be finger-pointing at all, if you read the lyrics it’s not necessarily all that political. But I feel like where I live everybody has lost their mind trying to work out how Donald Trump got elected.”