Rap duo follow Lil' Kim in distancing themselves from Sunday's gunfight in New York...

Rap duo CAPONE-N-NOREAGA have issued a statement saying they had “nothing to do” with the shooting incident outside a NEW YORK radio station last weekend, which left one man in hospital.

Police are still attempting to identify five men who are believed to have taken part in a shootout outside the Hot 97, WQHT radio station in Greenwich Village on Sunday afternoon (February 25).

Both Capone-N-Noreaga and Lil’ Kim were at the station that afternoon, and one man, Efrain Ocasio, who was caught in the crossfire, admitted himself to hospital after being shot in the back. No arrests have yet been made.

The US media have been speculating for a number of days that the gun battle may be related to the track ‘Bang Bang’ on the Capone-N-Noreaga album ‘The Reunion’, where fellow rapper Foxy Brown, who makes an appearance as guest vocalist, appears to criticise Kim.

However, the duo issued a statement to the US media yesterday (February 28), which said: “Capone-N-Noreaga had nothing to do with the shooting. It’s unfortunate that the normally healthy competitive spirit in the music industry has been compromised by people who have nothing to do with the making of records.

“We are co-operating fully with the police and hope that whoever is responsible for this will be brought to justice.”

Lil’ Kim previously issued a statement, also denying any involvement in the shooting.

According to a report in this morning’s New York Daily News (March 1), police gang specialists have been brought in to try and put a stop to any possible reprisals arising from the incident.