Car Seat Headrest hits out at Wes Anderson’s “racist” and “infuriatingly bad” new film ‘Isle Of Dogs’

"This is the first Bad Wes Anderson Movie and I am so disappointed that such a thing exists now"

Car Seat Headrest has criticised Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion movie Isle Of Dogs, describing it as “racist” and “infuriatingly bad”.

Isle Of Dogs, the first film Anderson has directed since 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, follows a pack of dogs who are forced to fight for survival after a canine-borne disease in Japan results in their exile to a bleak and barren island.

Recent weeks have seen Anderson accused of cultural appropriation over the movie, with one critic arguing that its “cultural sensitivity gets lost in translation”. Anderson has not yet addressed the backlash.


Now, indie musician Car Seat Headrest (real name Will Toledo) has taken aim at the movie on Twitter, writing: “Isle of Dogs is bad. It is an infuriatingly bad film. I am infuriated.”

Calling the film “racist”, “so fucking ugly” and asking “why is it written as a joyless kid’s film when it’s specifically designed to be alienating and inappropriate for kids,” Toledo added: “I mean props to Wes for finally making a movie that would appeal to literally zero people beyond himself. But also, fuck you”.

“This is the first Bad Wes Anderson Movie and I am so disappointed that such a thing exists now,” Toledo continued, before sharing a Slash Film critique of the film that he described as a “solid summation” of his own views.

See Toledo’s tweets in full below:


Toledo recently addressed overzealous fans encroaching on his privacy, telling them to “chill the fuck out” as his subreddit was shut down.

He asked fans to stop looking for “pictures of me at age 13” from “defunct Myspace pages” and to “make a minimal effort to be a decent human being”.