Watch Car Seat Headrest cover Death Grips’ ‘Black Paint’

Will Toledo treats the audience at his show in Quebec

Car Seat Headrest has covered Death Grips‘ thrashing track ‘Black Paint’ during a show in Quebec.

The band are known for their unexpected covers, having previously played Frank Ocean‘s ‘White Ferrari’ and ‘Ivy’, Sufjan Stevens‘ ‘Impossible Soul’ and David Bowie‘s ‘Blackstar’.

They were playing a festival slot at the multi-venue Festival d’Ete International de Quebec. The 11-day event was headlined by Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Beck, the Weeknd and Lorde. You can see Car Seat Headrest’s cover of ‘Black Paint’ below as well as their nine-song setlist.


Car Seat Headrest played:

Black Paint
(Death Grips cover)
Cute Thing
Fill in the Blank
Sober to Death
Cosmic Hero
Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
Nervous Young Inhumans

Last month, Death Grips revealed that they had worked on a new song with the director of Shrek.

The song featured on the Sacramento band’s latest ‘Year Of The Snitch’ which they released on June 22. It followed 2016’s ‘Bottomless Pit’.


Earlier this year, Car Seat Headrest criticised Wes Anderson’s stop-motion movie Isle Of Dogs, describing it as “racist” and “infuriatingly bad”.

“Isle of Dogs is bad. It is an infuriatingly bad film. I am infuriated,” Toledo wrote on Twitter.

Calling the film “racist”, “so fucking ugly” and asking “why is it written as a joyless kid’s film when it’s specifically designed to be alienating and inappropriate for kids,” Toledo added: “I mean props to Wes for finally making a movie that would appeal to literally zero people beyond himself. But also, fuck you”.

“This is the first Bad Wes Anderson Movie and I am so disappointed that such a thing exists now,” Toledo continued, before sharing a Slash Film critique of the film that he described as a “solid summation” of his own views.