Cara Delevingne sings about pills on St Vincent’s new album

Annie Clark is expected to release her fifth record later this year

St Vincent has revealed that her ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne appears on her upcoming new album.

The musician (real name Annie Clark) is set to release her fifth album later this year, following on from 2014’s self-titled effort (NME‘s best album of that year). She has already released the single ‘New York’ and performed a song called ‘LA’ live (scroll below to watch).

Speaking in a new interview with The New Yorker, Clark confirmed that model/actress/singer Delevingne (who she dated for 18 months until last summer) will appear on a track called ‘Pills’, in which she sings the lyrics: “Pills to grow, pills to shrink, pills, pills, pills and a good stiff drink/Pills to fuck, pills to eat, pills, pills, pills down the kitchen sink.”


Speaking to The Guardian recently, Clark said of the topic of her relationship with Delevingne: “I’ve always kept my writing close to the vest. And by that I mean I’m always gonna write about my life. Sometimes, in the past, I did that way more obliquely than now. But it’s almost like an involuntary reflex. I can’t help but be living and also taking notes on what’s going on, always trying to figure out how to put that into a song. And that does not mean there’s literal truth in every lyric on the way. Of course not. But I can only write about my life, and that – dating Cara – was a big part of my life. I wouldn’t take it off-limits, just because my songs might get extra scrutiny. People would read into them what they would, and you know what? Whatever they thought they found there would be absolutely right. And at the same time it would be absolutely wrong.”

Meanwhile, St Vincent recently performed a new song called ‘LA’ at a gig in Japan. Watch footage beneath.

It was recently announced that Clark is set to direct a new, female-led film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray.

Clark has sat in the director’s seat once before. Earlier this year, her short movie Birthday Party premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as part of the female-focused XX horror anthology. Clark directed, co-wrote and scored Birthday Party.


David Birke (Elle, Slender Man) will write the script for the new version of The Picture Of Dorian Gray, which will reimagine the titular character as a woman.