Violence marrs Hard-Fi’s secret show with Carbon/Silicon

Angry fan smashes door while Mick Jones and Richard Archer team-up

Violence erupted outside last night’s (February 8) Carbon/Silicon gig when some fans discovered they couldn’t get into the packed pub venue, the Inn On The Green in west London.

Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer performed with Mick Jones‘ band, returning the favourite after The Clash guitarist had made an appearance as the young band kicked off the Shockwaves NME Awards Show earlier this week.

Last night’s “Carbon Casino” show reached capacity so quickly

that a number of punters, some of whom had been waiting for four hours, were left in the cold. Bouncers explained that they were letting one person in at a time whenever someone left the club.

However this was not enough to placate one man who launched a tirade of abuse at bouncers and other members of the line – many of whom narrowly missed serious injury when the individual grabbed a metal stand and started attacking the door.

Most people fled the scene when he started targeting bystanders with his rage.

One witness told NME.COM “He was inches from my face, swinging this massive piece of metal around and smashing it into the door – he was going insane.

“I told him we’d all been waiting ages, but he called me a ‘cunt’ and told me to ‘fuck off’. Most of us are locals and know the manager but if it’s full there’s nothing you can do about it.”

They added: “I think he took being left outside as a personal disrespect. But you never know.”

Inside the gig passed without incident, which Archer joining Carbon/Silicon onstage to perform ‘E=MC2’ – by Jones‘ old group Big Audio Dynamite – with the band.