Cardi B and 50 Cent lead artists calling for justice after Jacob Blake is shot by police

"Wow this is SICKENING!"

Cardi B and 50 Cent are among a host of artists and celebrities who have spoken out against the shooting of an unarmed black man by police in Wisconsin.

Footage emerged on Sunday night (August 23) that appears to show Jacob Blake, 29, attempting to get into his vehicle when he is shot seven times in the back by an officer. Blake remains in intensive care in hospital, and protests have since erupted in Kenosha.

Cardi B shared the clip with her followers and wrote in an Instagram post: “Wow this is SICKENING! I can’t believe it! What’s going to be the excuse now? They just don’t give a fuckk nomore! SOMETHING MUST HAPPEN! Yooo this is insane they really not giving a fuck anymore. Lord please!”

50 Cent, too, called the incident out, writing: “No way what the fuckk kinda law enforcement is this? Shot this man 7 times in his back, in front of his kids.”

Prominent civil rights lawyer Ben Crump told CNN that Blake’s family had reached out to him for assistance. In a Tweet, Crump claimed Blake’s three sons were in the car he was getting into when he was shot. In a tweet, he said Mr Blake’s three sons were in the car he was getting into when he was shot.

Actress Rosanna Arquette tweeted: “Jacob Blake, a man shot in his back In front of his children by an evil and sick racist police officer and there are many more we don’t see. this is what we protest against, these assassinations cannot continue, the police force have become white supremacist nazis. BLM [sic].”

Civil rights activist Munroe Bergdorf also shared Instagram posts calling for “Justice for Jacob Blake” and directed her followers to links where they could contribute support.

According to BBC News, witnesses to the incident told local news site Kenosha News that Blake had attempted to break up a fight between two women and that police had tried to use a Taser on him prior to the shooting.

A spokesperson for a nearby chapter of Black Lives Matter, Clyde McLemore, told reporters “the frustration is boiling to the top and we’re sick and tired”.