Cardi B reveals her own theory on what’s really going on in ‘Bird Box’

"I need a summary. Thank you"

Bird Box has got many fans guessing what the Netflix drama’s deeper meaning is – and now Cardi B has offered her own theory on what she thinks certain scenes mean.

The popular thriller stars Sandra Bullock as a mother who tries to get her children to safety after a supernatural apocalypse occurs.

However, the huge task is made even trickier when both she and her children are blindfolded to prevent the descent to insanity that occurs if they cast their eyes on the film’s villains.


Cardi took to Instagram this week to give her thoughts, declaring: “I’m getting lost now, you know what I’m saying? Where are they swimming to? I mean, why is she in a river? Why is she in a river? Like, where are they going?”

“I’m not the type of person to watch the whole thing,” the rapper continues. “I need a summary. Thank you.”

After asking fans another question about why everyone is killing themselves, Cardi B offers a suggestion of her own.

“What was making them want to kill themselves bro?” Cardi asks. “I don’t fucking get it. Shit is getting me mad. Are they fucking seeing they bills? I think muthafuckas are seeing they bills and that’s why they want to fucking kill themselves.”

It was recently reported that Bird Box smashed the Netflix record as the most-streamed original movie during the first week of release.


Meanwhile, Cardi B recently said that she’s hoping that her next solo record will arrive at the same time of year that her debut ‘Invasion of Privacy’ did in 2018 – which means that we could be anticipating an April release.

A deluxe version of ‘Invasion of Privacy’ is also expected to arrive later this year.