Cardi B brands Donald Trump a “terrorist” over Iran airstrike

It comes after the rapper recently applied for Nigerian citizenship

Cardi B has branded Donald Trump a “terrorist” following the recent airstrike against Iran.

The US President sparked international concern when he ordered a drone strike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad which killed Iran’s Major General Qassem Soleimani.

It prompted the singer to apply for Nigerian citizenship in order to avoid any revenge attacks.


Now, the rapper has shared a clip of an Iranian man crying while speaking to a reporter. When asked what message he had for Americans, the man replied: “We love Americans, but we hate your president.”

“Voice of Iranians,” Cardi wrote in the Instagram post. “They not terrorist. Trump is.”

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Voice of Iranians.They not terrorist.Trump is .

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Cardi has repeatedly taken aim at Trump since he came into office.

Last year, she hit out at him over the US government shutdown declaring that “our country is a hellhole right now” at the time.

She added: “We really need to take this serious. I feel like we need to take some kind of action. I don’t know what time of action, bitch, because this [is] not what I do. But bitch, I’m scared. This is crazy and I really feel bad for these people who gotta go to fucking work to not get motherfucking paid.”


The rapper previously claimed that she hates the US President with a “fucking passion”.

She has since pledged her support to Bernie Sanders in the forthcoming 2020 presidential campaign.

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