Cardi B deactivates Twitter and Instagram after online Grammys 2022 argument

"If you talking shit about me, why you bringing up my fucking son?"

Cardi B has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts following a spat with some of her followers during the airing of the Grammys on Sunday (April 3).

The rapper was nominated for Best Rap Performance for her 2021 single ‘Up’ but didn’t make it to the ceremony. Fans expressed their disappointed online by attacking her, noting that she had made them believe she would be in attendance.

“I’m deleting my twitter but On God I hate this fuchkin dumbass fan base,” she wrote before deactivating her account. “You got the slow dumbasses dragging my kids all cause y’all though I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t the fuck ? When the fuck I hinted I was going ? just fuvkin stupid I can’t I needs to protect myself.”


Things escalated when fans began speaking about her children. “I bet yo son wouldnt like for you to be on your ass while teasing us fans and not ever dropping music,” wrote one fan (via Rolling Stone). Cardi replied: “I hope your moms die”, then deleted the tweet.

Cardi moved over to Instagram Live shortly after deleting her Twitter, to explain her reasoning. “I’m doing girl-day shit today, right? And I’m chilling and everything and then I’m going through my Twitter, and I see people in my Twitter – my fans, my own fucking fans – talking shit. Practically saying that I’m lazy, and that I was giving hints that I was going to the Grammys.”

She continued: “And motherfuckers talking like I’m getting cancelled, this and that. Let me tell you something, I don’t give a fuck, whatever I said on them tweets, I really motherfucking mean it. ‘Oh, why would you wish that on somebody mother?’ Well, that person brought up my son. If you talking shit about me, why you bringing up my fucking son?”

Cardi has previously deleted her social media accounts because of negativity from fans. In 2020, she called out her fans for “trying to control my life” before removing her accounts, and did the same the following year after getting pressure to release a new album.


In other Cardi B news, the rapper was recently forced to postpone what would have been her first starring movie role.

Cardi was due to star in Paramount Pictures comedy Assisted Living, but a week before production was due to start, the rapper was forced to back out of the production according to Deadline.

The reason given for Cardi’s departure was her “overextended” work schedule. She made her film debut in 2019’s Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez. Most recently, she also played a supporting role in F9: The Fast Saga.

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