Cardi B doesn’t have a driver’s licence, so Olivia Rodrigo has offered to drive her around

Rodrigo's 'Drivers License' is currently the biggest song in the world

Cardi B has reacted to Olivia Rodrigo‘s smash-hit ‘Drivers License’, revealing that she doesn’t have a licence herself.

In response, Rodrigo has now offered to drive Cardi around wherever she pleases. Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ is currently at number one in the UK and US singles charts.

“Just like that girl wrote a song about getting her drivers license Imma write a song about the struggle of not having a drivers license,” Cardi tweeted on Tuesday (January 19).


“I really wanted my McDonald’s at 4am last night instead of today but I couldn’t so I felt asleep hungry.”

“girl i will pick u up and take u wherever u wanna go,” Rodrigo responded, to which Cardi replied: “Yaaayyy !!! Let’s go to McDonald’s and get happy meals !”

Speaking in a new interview with NME, the 17-year-old Rodrigo talked about how ‘Drivers License’ has smashed the records of her heroes and those that she listened to growing up.

“I mean, that is just everything. All the recognition the song has got is beyond my wildest dreams,” she explained. “Taylor Swift – is my songwriting idol and I wouldn’t be half of the woman and a songwriter I am today without her – reached out and was so supportive of the song.”


“I just found out the other day that Lorde likes it, Halsey likes it, all of these people that I have grown up listening to are saying they’re liking the song.”

The song has already been covered a number of times since its release this month, with jxdn and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker surprising fans this week with a rock-orientated cover of the viral hit.

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