Cardi B addresses Nicki Minaj beef rumours

Cardi says the beef was "made up" by fans

Cardi B has discussed her rumoured beef with Nicki Minaj, saying that fans on the internet made the whole thing up.

There had been speculation that the two stars were taking shots at each other on their Migos collaboration ‘MotorSport’ last year.

Both Cardi and Minaj had previously dismissed talk of bad blood, with Minaj describing the rumours as “so tired” and saying that the pair could “make out” and it still wouldn’t “be enough” to convince some sceptics.


Speaking to Beats 1, Cardi B has now reiterated her stance, describing the alleged feud as “really internet made-up”.

“I really feel like fans and people, they really want to see that happen because it’s really entertaining,” Cardi said. “To see people beef is entertaining. I remember when Nicki and Remy [Ma] were beefing and everybody was tuning in like, ‘Ooh, what’s next?'”

“I don’t really have the time for that. If you’ve not fucked my man or you’re not taking my money from me then I don’t really give a fuck about you. People just want to pin us [together] because it’s entertainment, but they don’t want to handle their own beef.”

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“I spoke to her before in person… I don’t ever want nobody sneak-dissing me. If there’s something where you can talk it out, then talk it out.”

“What do people expect from me? I’ve already said she’s an amazing artist, I pay my respects to her. I’ve done videos before of me jamming to her songs… Y’all want me to say something bad.”


Asked why the pair didn’t appear in the ‘MotorSport’ video together, Cardi explained that Minaj simply “couldn’t shoot” on the same day that she could.

“People made a lot of theories about everything,” Cardi lamented.

Watch a clip of Cardi discussing her relationship with Nicki below.

Today marks the release of Cardi B’s hotly-anticipated debut album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’.

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