Cardi B receives endorsement from the Church of Satan after “Dick is the Devil” tweet

An unusual Twitter exchange, to be fair

Cardi B has received an unlikely endorsement from the Church of Satan after declaring “that dick is the devil” on Twitter.

The rapper tweeted the observation in the early hours of yesterday (January 21), which managed to elicit a short and sharp response from the Church of Satan’s very-active Twitter account.

“Confirmed,” the one-word reply read.


Pushed for further answers on whether they “worship Satan’s penis/dick”, the Church of Satan explained: “Satanism is a religion that recognises and embraces humanity’s carnal nature, so dicks, pussies, boobs, asses, etc. are often held in high regard. We see Satan as a metaphor for best selves, so speaking in that context, sure.”

The Church of Satan Рnot to be confused with the Satanic Temple, who recently settled a legal dispute with Netflix over the use of a goat-headed statue in their series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Рwas also in the news recently after they congratulated Christian Bale on his Golden Globes win.

Bale drew the attention of the Church after he thanked Satan “for giving me inspiration on how to play” former Vice President Dick Cheney in the film Vice.

Last week, Cardi B called out President Donald Trump over his role in the ongoing US government shutdown.