Cardi B says she’s spoken to Joe Biden and told him “we don’t want no false promises”

"We don’t want no fake shit to get people voting"

Cardi B has revealed that she has spoken to Joe Biden and that she told him if he wants people to vote for him “we don’t want no false promises.”

Speaking in a new interview, the rapper, who released her new track ‘WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion earlier this week, discussed the presumptive Democratic candidate, the upcoming election, and the urgent need to vote.

Asked how she felt about being “stuck with Biden” after Bernie Sanders – who she originally voiced support for – dropped out of the race, Cardi said: “I’m salty but I’m okay,” before revealing, “I spoke to Joe Biden.”


Cardi then appearing to clam up, as if someone behind the camera was telling her not to disclose the conversation between the two. After being asked to elaborate further by host Charlamagne Tha God, she eventually went into more detail.

“What I’m saying is that I know him,” she continued. “I always felt like Biden balanced Obama because I thought he was conservative and that’s what swayed the conservative votes, the ones in the middle. Knowing him and everything, I think he’s getting it and I think he understands the people’s pain. He’s getting what we want. People think we want so much, but we want really simple things if you really think about it.”

Cardi said she told the former vice president that he should listen to the people’s demands: “I tried to let him know like, listen we don’t want no false promises. We don’t want no fake shit to get people voting. This is what we want. Please make it happen.”

You can watch the full interview below (she talks about Biden around the 5:40 mark):

Elsewhere in the interview, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ star talked about the importance of Biden choosing a black woman as his running mate, the need to make sure every American can vote during the coronavirus pandemic, and why black women are a good influence on politics.


It comes after Cardi explained earlier this week why she is endorsing Joe Biden for the US 2020 presidential race.

“I think he understands that what we want are simple things, you know what I’m saying? We’re not asking for much, we just asking for certain shit,” she said.

Back in April, Cardi B interviewed former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Instagram to discuss the economic and health crises sparked by the ongoing pandemic.

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