Cardi B tells Candace Owens “I’m on top” in heated Twitter exchange over ‘WAP’

On Fox News, the conservative commentator had denounced Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion's Grammys performance of 'WAP'

Cardi B and US conservative commentator Candace Owens have gone head to head on social media again, lashing out at each other in an hours-long flurry of tweets.

The back-and-forth between the rapper and the right-winger began when Cardi sent out a tweet that sarcastically celebrated her  Grammys performance of ‘WAP’ making Fox News.

Cardi shared a clip of Owens’ March 16 appearance on Fox News, where the political commentator said the rapper’s performance with Megan Thee Stallion at the Grammy Awards signified “corrosion” and “the end of an empire”.


Owens responded on Twitter, calling Cardi a “cancer cell to culture”. She added, “Young black girls are having their minds poisoned by what you are trying to package.”

Owens continued to tweet attacks on Cardi, calling her “a part of a larger cancer that is manifesting in black culture” and labelling her Grammy performance “disgusting”. Owens also said that Cardi has “transformed into a stain on culture and what it means to be a woman”.

Cardi initially responded to Owen’s comments with nonchalance, and sarcastically commented on how Owens was giving the song more exposure: “I don’t know why Candy is so bothered by ‘WAP’… I hope you speak more about ‘WAP’ I need it to reach a new Audience to go 6x platinum”.


But the two soon began to debate wider issues including the roles of women in the household, their differing perceptions of the Trump family and the roles of Black women within US society in general. The heated comments also got personal, with Owens and Cardi firing off tweets about the other’s sexuality and marital status.

Owens then accused Cardi and her team of using Photoshop to fake tweets by Owens and news pieces about her. Cardi countered with threats to sue Owens, saying “Candy girl now why you lying when you can simply Google your tweet” and “I should sue you for saying I’m photoshopping shit”.

In response to a fan asking “If Cardi B is so beneath Candace Owens, why does Candace continue to have Cardi’s name in her mouth?” Cardi simply said, “I’m not beneath her. I’m on top.”

Cardi and Owens had previously traded words on Twitter last September, sparring over Cardi’s interview with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

After Cardi and Megan’s performance of ‘WAP’ at the Grammys, the song again came under fire by US conservative commentators, echoing the right-wing backlash to the track last year when it was released.

Both Cardi and Megan had both responded to the 2020 backlash to ‘WAP’. Cardi mocked Ben Shapiro’s disapproval of the song and said she didn’t expect right-wing figures to fixate on the track.

Megan also said last year she was “taken aback” by the backlash to ‘WAP’. “If you have an issue with what I’m saying don’t listen to it,” she told TIME Magazine. “Tune out, ’cause I didn’t ask you to tune in.”