Cardi B throws microphone at audience member who chucked drink at her on stage

It's the latest incident in a growing trend

Footage has been shared online that sees Cardi B throwing a microphone at an audience member who had chucked a drink at her on stage.

Across this summer, a growing trend has emerged of fans throwing items on stage at their favourite artists. One of the most prolific and dangerous cases occurred last month, when pop star Bebe Rexha was seen falling to her knees after a mobile phone struck her in the face.

The incident left her needing stitches above her eye, and it was later reported that the concertgoer who threw the device did so because he thought “it would be funny”.


In footage that began circulating yesterday (July 29), Cardi is the latest artist to be subject to items thrown from the crowd.

In the video, she is seen to have a drink thrown on her by an audience member. The rapper responded by throwing her microphone at the person while shouting in their direction.

The below tweet showing the incident has been retweeted by the rapper’s official account.

Drake has also been the target of items thrown from the crowd. Earlier this month, he was hit by an object while on stage in Chicago, during the opening night of his ‘All A Blur Tour’ with 21 SavageThe object, which hit him in the arm during the performance, turned out to be a mobile phone although he didn’t comment on the incident during the show.

Later in the tour, he halted one of his gigs to call out a fan after a vape was thrown at him mid-performance.


Additionally, P!nk was left confused after a fan tossed their dead mother’s ashes onto her stage in LondonHarry Styles was hit in the eye by a mysterious object thrown at him in Vienna, and Ava Max was slapped in the face by someone who ran onto the stage during a gig in Los Angeles.

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