Caribou announces the reissue of a trio of his early albums

Dan Snaith will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut record and more

Caribou is set to reissue three of his early albums, including 2001 debut ‘Start Breaking My Heart’, the producer has confirmed.

The record was one of two Dan Snaith released under the moniker Manitoba, alongside 2003’s ‘Up In Flames’.

He then switched to using the name Caribou on the 2005 record ‘The Milk Of Human Kindness’. All three of the aforementioned albums will be reissued this summer, with the new editions arriving in the UK on July 30.


Each will be repressed on black vinyl, with only 1,000 copies made available. ‘Start Breaking My Heart’ and ‘Up In Flames’ will also come with additional bonus tracks.

Snaith announced the reissues yesterday (March 26) to coincide with the 20th anniversary of ‘Start Breaking My Heart’.

He also reflected on that album, as Exclaim notes, saying: “I’d been making music since I was an early teenager. But the music on this album was the first time I felt like something had clicked. All of a sudden, I had a sense of what I wanted the tracks I was making to be. Luckily that had happened right around the time I met Kieran Hebden, accosting him out of the blue at a festival while visiting the UK, and we had kept in touch. He passed the music along to Tony (Morley) at the Leaf Label.

“Making this album in my crappy student bedroom in Toronto and mailing it over to Tony on burned CDs, it was thrilling that there was a real record label in London that was excited about releasing it all over the world. It may be 20 years ago, but I can still remember the excitement from around the time of this album release and of me starting to become a ‘real music producer’ vividly.”


Earlier this month, Snaith released a remix album of his latest Caribou project ‘Suddenly’. The new reworkings were created by the likes of Koreless, Four Tet, Jessy Lanza and more.