Carl Barat to act in ‘two plays in London’ in early 2010

Former Libertine is also working on his solo album

Carl Barat has revealed he is hoping to star in two plays early next year.

The former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things frontman remained tight-lipped about what the plays are, but said he is likely to tread the boards next January.

Barat was speaking to Reuters when he made the admission, stating that he also plans to release a solo album before reforming The Libertines with Pete Doherty.

“I am not ruling it out completely [reforming The Libertines], but next year I am doing my album and maybe acting in two plays in London in January,” Barat explained.

The singer has previously appeared as Gene Vincent in the movie ‘Telstar’, director Nick Moran‘s biopic of Joe Meek. In August, Barat also appeared in a short film with Har Mar Superstar.

Barat also revealed more details about his forthcoming solo career, saying: “I’d like to release the album as soon as possible. I’m working every day. I want the songs to be completely new. I want to do something fresh.”

Barat added that he feels “naked” working without a band.

“It’s absolutely terrifying but it has to be done,” he explained. “It’s very hard but at the same time it’s very rewarding. Everyone has to do what they think is right. Even if it’s shit, people respect you for being brave enough.”

Talking about The Libertines, Barat said that he would want the band to put “everything” into a reformation, should it happen.

“If we do The Libertines, let’s give them everything and be The Libertines again. Let’s live that life again. It’s a life and it’s for a reason, for a good purpose,” he declared.