It’s taken him a while, but the ex Libertine’s solo career is go…

Carl Barat has broken his silence on his forthcoming solo work.

The former Libertines revealed that he expects to start debuting new material live soon, but has found the creative process slow going on his own.

“I always wrote songs on my own before we (Libertines) started and mostly they were pretty dire, so that doesn’t really bode well for the future,” he warned XFM. “It’s so good to be writing on my own again, just to have the freedom really. Being in a partnership gives you the kick up the arse factor, and that’s what I’ve been overcoming recently. It’s been quite a slow process but I’ve started getting into that routine and got the confidence to do it as well.”

Carl Barat added that fellow Libertines, drummer Gary Powell would feature in his new set-up, but he’s yet to confirm a bassist.

“The chemistry’s so important,” he explained. “It’s really hard. I just don’t have the heart to tell someone I don’t want them to be in the band either. I’ve been through about 40 bass players!”

The ex Libertines man also told the radio station he’d enjoyed seeing former bandmate Pete Doherty playing with Elton John at Live 8 (July 2).

“It was a funny thing, and he’s a funny boy,” said Carl Barat. “But the whole of London felt like it was buzzing yesterday. On the South Bank there was this little festival. I caught a band called Funky Biscuit. People everywhere, it just felt like something was happening.”