Carl Barat: ‘I really thought I was done in’

The former Libertine speaks out about new band

Carl Barat has revealed that he thought he was “done in” following a traumatic year since the split of The Libertines.

The guitarist has also spoken out about how the last 12 months have “taken me beyond any emotion or sensation I have ever chanced upon” as well as unveiling the titles of some new songs he is currently rehearsing with his new band.

In a posting on, Barat said: “The band is going from strength to strength every day. ‘Tis a difficult thing to suddenly come forth as a real band if it is forced. As I suppose you must realise, the last year has taken me beyond any emotion or sensation I have ever chanced upon.”

He added: “It has been trying to say the least, but I am verging on happy, to say that the sun has risen some more. I really thought I was done in.”

Barat’s new band features former Libertines drummer Gary Powell, Anthony Rossomando – who filled in as guitarist following Pete Doherty‘s departure from the group – and former bassist for The Cooper Temple Clause, Didz Hammond.

“Suffice to say, I have waited for something I can sing and play with sheer truth,” Barat said. “The band is great, Didz is grand, and I am feeling alive again. We will be playing live before you know it.”

Barat‘s new band have not yet announced their name, but keep checking NME.COM for the latest updates.