Dirty Pretty Things to finish album in UK

The band have returned from LA

Dirty Pretty Things have revealed that they will be putting the finishing touches to their debut album in the UK.

The band have been hard at work in Los Angeles with producer Dave Sardy and intend to return home for the last stages of the record as well as to play some live shows.

Singer Carl Barat told NME.COM: “(England)’ll be a lot more relaxed than this session (in LA). This is a new band born in adversity and we’re still finding our feet. We’ve only played a few live shows. I want to play around England, play in some dirt boxes like we used to in the good old days.”

“Hopefully we’ll be doing it as soon as we get back,” he added. “But I’m a bit scared of lighting the touch paper because as soon as you do one little gig…”

The former Libertine explained that he hopes to get back to playing the way he did with his former group.

“I just remember the happy days of being pressed against the wall with a cymbal at my throat,” Barat explained. “My whole thing about secret gigs was that we were musicians and we liked to play. You have to have a modicum of appreciation to keep yourself afloat for the sake of doing it but [The Libertines] always did gigs at the last minute because it was interesting to see who’d turn up. I’m excited to do that again, I’d hate to think there’d be some kind of corporate barrier put down to stop me doing that. But I’m worried about the press – everyone’s so desperate to have an opinion on something that that’s a lot of pressure.”

Talking about the as-yet-untitled Dirty Pretty Things album, Barat said: “It’s going to be quite a varied album but there’ll be continuity as a band. I think we’re going to sound like us and not sound like anybody else. Obviously there’s endless parallels that are going to be drawn to The Libertines but that’s inevitable.”

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