Carl Barat looks back into the sun

Dirty Pretty Things head to California for album sessions

Dirty Pretty Things are in LA recording their debut album.

The group, who are fronted by Carl Barat and who also feature ex-Cooper Temple Clause member Didz on bass, flew out to California mid-November and are recording with producer Dave Sardy.

Sardy is best known for his work with Oasis and Jet. And unlike the protracted sessions for the Babyshambles debut album ‘Down In Albion’, work on Dirty Pretty Things’ debut has gone at pace, with loads of tracks recorded inside the first two weeks.

“I’m here in the city of angels with Didz,” Carl Barat said last week. “We have seven tracks down.”

A band source added: “He’s going to be out there until Christmas and the plan is to have it finished by then. It’s early days, but there’s a chance the album could be out in the spring if the sessions go well. From what i’ve heard seven songs are done already. Some demos are in circulation amongst close friends.”

Speaking before he went out, Barat told friends that the group would be doing some of the recording near the Joshua Tree in the California desert.

The area has a rich musical history – it was nearby that country legend Gram Parsons died in the ‘70s and had his body cremated, while the area was an obvious inspiration on U2, whose 1987 album of the same name is regarded as one of their best.

Dirty Pretty Things have spent much of this year working on new songs. They recently undertook a ‘secret’ tour of Europe, where they showcased half a dozen new tracks, with working titles including ‘Dead Wood’, ‘Plan A’, ‘The Enemy’, ‘The Pirate Song’, ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’, ‘You Fucking Love It’ and ‘Gin And Milk’.