Carl Barat talks The Jackals, the new Libertines album and 2017 tour

Prepare for the return of The Likely Lads

Carl Barat has spoken out about his plans for 2017 with The Jackals, as well as touring with The Libertines and recording a new album. Watch our video interview with Barat above.

Barat spoke to us on the red carpet of the VO5 NME Awards 2017, where he said that The Libertines were planning to take a ‘fallow year’, but they ‘just can’t keep away’.

Speaking of his plans for 2017, he said he’d be working as a producer as well as writing and recording with The Jackals before hitting the road with The Libs and working on their next album – while also planning to find their own ‘HQ’, which Pete Doherty described as ‘a hotel‘.

“I’m working a lot with [The Jackals],” Barat told NME. “I’ve been working with an up and coming artist called Barns Courtney recently, too.”

Asked about progress on The Jackals’ new album, Barat replied: “We’re about three songs in but there’s a lot there. Everyone’s ready to go for it, we’re all just looking forward to getting it done. Everything’s in place, it’s just about getting the songs written. I’m doing that next week so we’ll see how it goes.”

He continued: “The Libertines record, that might take a bit more time – but we’re trying to get our project together, so we’ll see how that goes really. That big secret that Pete told everyone!”

On how many new tracks the band had written, Barat said: “We’ve still got fucking two decades’ of stuff, and we’ve still got a lot to write about. There’s a lot of water yet to go under the bridge in many ways so yeah, there’s plenty to do.”

Carl Barat at the VO5 NME Awards 2017

On their plans to find their own headquarters, Barat continued: “Anything’s possible really – just a canvas or a factory to just create and get other people involved. That’s where we’re at really. I won’t say where it is. That’s the one thing that Pete hasn’t told you. We’re still waiting and planning. There’s a fucking lot of hoops to jump through, man. I’m not a huge hoop jumper.”

Meanwhile, The Libertines are  hitting the road for a string of festival shows this summer.

Barat added: “If we get new stuff written then we’re going to want to play it, but I won’t know until the night to be honest.”

The Libertines’ upcoming UK tour dates are below.

May 20 Prenton Park, Birkenhead
Jul 21-22 Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
Jul 21-23 Truck Festival, Cambridge
Aug 4 Festival On The Wall, Newcastle


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