Carl Barât says writing sessions have begun for The Libertines’ fourth album

He also gave an update on the Albion Rooms, the band's hotel/studio in Margate, which is due to open soon.

Carl Barât has given an update on the status of The Libertines‘ fourth studio album, revealing that writing sessions have already begun.

Fresh off the plane from a recent tour of China, South Korea and Japan, The Libertines frontman sat down with Red Stripe and when asked about the status of his and bandmate Pete Doherty’s next album, he revealed that the “dates are in our studio diary.”

“We’ve been down and done a few writing sessions already,” he admitted. “But we’re going to sort of bed in and do something a bit less control freak this time, rather doing lots and compiling and seeing what’s working and what isn’t. But there will be quite a few stories around the corner I think.”


Also giving an update on Albion Rooms, the band’s Margate hotel/studio, Barât said: “I’ve got more ideas and ambitions than I could possibly ever achieve. You know, I think the art is not spreading yourself too thin. I spent two years trying to get this hotel, gallery, studio up and running… We are really close now, actually.”

Continuing, he said: “Sometimes it’s hard. It’s hard doing things by committee where you’ve other people to convince to do something and that’s tough. But I believe I’m acting on behalf of everyone. It’s the point now where I send an email round with a preface that’s of the kind of  ‘speak now or forever hold your piece’… I know a lot more than I did before about getting hotels together.”

Admitting that pouring his first pint at Albion Rooms for the public will be a magical moment for him, the Jackals man added: “We’ll strike up the jukebox or the band, you never know, I mean when everything is working in tandem we’ll have the studio going on for gigs, and the two bars – one of them being an art gallery sort of thing, and we’ll have residents – god bless their confused souls – coming down.”

Watch the interview in full below:

Meanwhile, Carl Barât is looking for musicians and actors for a new project called The Heartless.


The Libertines frontman took to Instagram to announce that he’s “desperately seeking” a male bassist, male guitarist, male drummer, and frontwoman to take part. “Must be able to play and act,” he added.

In other news, The Libertines have confirmed details of their first show for 2019.

The indie icons will head to Coventry on August 3 as they take top billing on the first day of the Coombe Weekender.