Carl Cox and Rocky, who has suffered from the illness, show some balls...

Carl Cox has been talking to nme.com about the charity club night that he and ROCKY of XPRESS 2 fame have organised in aid of EVERYMAN, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of testicular cancer in young men.

The event will feature DJ performances from the cream of the underground dance music world, including sets from Darren Emerson, Josh Wink, Leftfield’s Paul Daley and Groove Armada. “The choice of DJs was down to the ones who felt compassion for Rocky and who wanted to help raise awareness,” explained Cox. “It came partly from a list I helped put together. Its been carefully selected.”

Rocky himself suffered from testicular cancer a few years ago, and spoke about it to Muzik magazine last year to raise awareness. “I got involved after I read Rocky‘s article, and I really felt for him,” said Cox. “He was really speaking out on his own, which I thought was so commendable. So we spoke to the Everyman charity, and they were really keen to get the younger generation to understand that this can happen to anyone. Fabric offered to let us use their club, and it’ll be my first ever gig there.”

The adverts for the event feature an amusingly dressed Rocky and Cox dressed in jumpsuits, complete with Linford Christie style lunchbox. “If you really looked closely, you could see that Rocky has his todger and one ball, while I’ve got my todger and two balls,” chuckled Cox. “Hence the 1 and 2 on our running suits. It’s the only time you’ll ever see me in lycra,” he added.

Everyman 2000 takes place at