City officials ask the techno legend to stand down...

CARL CRAIG is being forced to relinquish his position as creative director of the DETROIT ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Craig was asked to stand down by city officials, who were claiming that the techno DJ and producer missed deadlines on securing contracts from acts due to perform at the second, annual event. The festival is scheduled to take place in the city from May 26 to 28.

Speaking to the paper, Craig said: “I did my job and I’m doing my job within the parameters as they’ve been set forth. I’m going forward with clearing up anything that needs to be cleared up and making sure we have a brilliant festival.”

The DJ’s contract is now due to expire on May 30, two days after this year’s festival finishes.

The decision by the festival organisers has provoked outrage among the city’s elder techno statesmen.

“I’m saddened by this,” Derrick May admitted to the paper. “I find it extremely disappointing and upsetting that it happened. Carl’s my best friend – I’m going to stand by him, to whatever level that takes… This whole scenario is sad and embarrassing for everybody.”

Fellow Detroit producer and DJ Kevin Saunderson added: “Carl put his name and reputation on the line. We wouldn’t have done this without Carl Craig. I’m disappointed because musically, everything we strive for is to keep things positive. Now we’re seeing all the dirt come out, the egos and the selfishness. That’s what I’ve seen coming out of the festival this year.”

The free festival, which was last year attended by over 1.1 million people, will this year see performances from the likes of Laurent Garnier and Slam, as well as from Detroit DJs like Craig, Saunderson and May.