Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festival headliners divide fans

Red Hot Chili Peppers have got you talking... and arguing

Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festival headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers have divided fans.

The band who headlined Reading on Saturday (August 26) and Lees on Sunday (27), have left fans polarized with their sets.

Commenting on NME.COM‘s Main Stage blog ‘Jones’ declared: “Chilis were absolutely amazing and I’m not even that big a fan.”

Another poster, ‘Josh’ back that view: “I used to be a massive Chili Peppers fan and although it hasn’t converted me back I was extremely impressed.”

Rosie said: “I really enjoyed RHCP…I thought it was incredible, especially as we were only about nine or 10 rows from the front.”

Dan said: “What’s the point of listening to a band playing all their songs like they’re CD versions at a live gig. Might as well just listen to CD at home if you want that. A jam is excited and fun to watch.”

Alice said : “I thought the jams were really great – a chance for Flea and John to really shine, which they did.”

However a number of fans have expressed the exact opposite opinion.

Jo Woodfield was “disappointed with the sound and all the messing about in between songs”. Meanwhile, Dan Green was “disappointed by their egotistical, self-obsessed jamming”.

‘Dan Abnormal’ said : “The jams totally shrunk the crowd, people started wandering off during the encore in massive numbers.”

Gareth thought there was “too much fannying about…I blame Chad. He needs to throw his sticks at John and Flea and yell: ‘Enough already! Let’s play a chuffin song!'”

Meanwhile ‘Harlando’ said: “I’m sure when the Chili Peppers are on form they are great but (at the festival) they definitely weren’t.”

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