Carly Rae Jepsen teases new music

She's hinted at a disco vibe.

Carly Rae Jepsen has sent fans in a frenzy by teasing potential new music via Instagram.

The singer has previously revealed that her upcoming fourth album will have a disco vibe, and she recently added fuel to the fire by changing her Instagram bio to what fans are speculating may be lyrics from an upcoming single.

Her bio now reads: “When you move it’s like a disco darling – all my dreams come true.”


Some fans are convinced that there’s an impending single called ‘Disco Darling’.

Jepsen last released a track in May 2017, with ‘Cut To The Feeling’, which was intended to be on the singer’s 2015 album ‘Emotion’, but ended up featuring in animated movie, ‘Leap’.

Last September, Jepsen revealed she was in the “cleaning up phase” of her new album. In an interview with Japanese radio station, Radiko, the singer said she did have a new album on the way but was “hesistant” to give a date.


“I have a baby plan for the album,” she said. “It would be great to get it here as soon as possible, but it’s also more important to get it right. I’m in the cleaning up phases right now. Just making sure it’s all polished.”

Back in 2016, Jepsen told the Vancouver Sun that she was in the “writing stage” of her next album, and revealed her “disco” inspirations.

“I can’t explain what we’re doing right now, but we’re very much into disco-y things, whatever this next album may or may not turn out to be,” she said.

“But I’m very much referencing ABBA a lot, and The Bee Gees, all of that stuff. It’s fun to dig into oldies and see what you can celebrate about it, like a good movie or good song – to take your favourite pieces of something and add some new stuff to create something different.”

Meanwhile, back in December, Jepsen featured on ‘Backseat’ from Charli XCX‘s mixtape, ‘Pop 2‘.

The singer wrote on Instagram at the time: “Love this lady! So glad this collab finally happened.”

Jepsen recently opened for Katy Perry on the January and early February dates of her ‘Witness’ tour in the US.