Carly Rae Jepsen made an entire disco album that you’ll never hear

The album, titled ‘Disco Sweat’, “will be buried in my backyard”

A disco album by Carly Rae Jepsen? It exists – but will likely never see the light of day, the pop artist revealed in a recent interview.

Speaking to SF Weekly, Jepsen revealed that she “had an album I named ‘Disco Sweat’ that will probably never be released, and shouldn’t.” The record reflected Jepsen’s hopes to create “an understated disco, living room dance party thing”, she explained, adding that it was influenced by her time in Sweden exploring the discographies of ABBA and other 70s-era disco acts.

“But it was never that simple,” she continued. Instead, Jepsen opted to release ‘Dedicated’ as her fourth studio album, which she said has some songs “that achieved kinda what I was envisaging”, like opening track ‘Julien’. ‘Disco Sweat’, she quipped, “will be buried in my backyard”.


What Jepsen is far more likely to release, though, is an album of ‘Dedicated’ b-sides, like the EP ‘Emotion: Side B’, which collected songs left off the track-list of her 2015 album, ‘Emotion’.

In a May interview with Idolator, she said, “I’m equally excited for what I hope will be a Side B or Part 2 of [‘Dedicated’]… Yeah, I feel I should stop pretending. I have every intention of doing that and releasing a part two.”

Jepsen has been known to write hundreds of songs in the process of making an album. A GQ profile of her noted that for ‘Dedicated’, she settled on a track-list in a selection process that involved poster boards, sticky notes, a spreadsheet and even a scoring system.