Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s bouncing new single ‘Me And The Boys In The Band’

The "pick me up" pop gem is a tribute to the days of live touring

Carly Rae Jepsen has shared a new single called ‘Me And The Boys In The Band’ – listen below.

The Canadian pop star revealed that she had made an “entire quarantine album” back in May, shortly after the release of her ‘Dedicated Side B’ record.

Having teased fans with an image of handwritten lyrics on Twitter, Jepsen has now shared the lockdown project’s first track – which is an ode to much-missed live concerts and the thrills of touring.


“On the road. That was the life. I miss travel and performing and my bandmates who over the years have become my adopted brothers,” Jepsen explained. “Through romantic relationships good and bad I have always found myself again in the late-night conversations with my band.

“Here’s to all the shows we have played and have yet to play. The late-night dancers we turn into on the long bus drives and the tourists we become in the early mornings. Here’s to nostalgia city and keeping close the ones that know you best. Can’t wait for more.”

The singer went on to describe ‘Me And The Boys In The Band’ as a “‘pick me up’ song from all of us to you”.

“Big thanks to Jack Antonoff, Tavish Crowe, Jared Manerika and Nik Pesut for making this jam come together from a distance.”


The song’s accompanying visuals intersperse shots of Jepsen alone at home with split-screen footage of her bandmates performing separately in isolation. We also see behind-the-scenes videos and photographs from tours gone by.

Speaking previously on her forthcoming quarantine LP, Jepsen described the project as “very different” and “kind of fun”. “We had to do it around Zoom or things like that so it’s been like a challenge but a really fun one! You kind of write differently that way,” she said.

In a four-star review of ‘Dedicated Side B’, which consists of leftover material from 2019’s ‘Dedicated’, NME concluded: “Consistently brilliant, ‘Side B’ might be a collection of offcuts but this is the sort of record that most acts could only dream of making.”

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