Carly Simon on meeting Donald Trump: “He was all over me like ugly on an ape”

Yes, he probably thought the song was about him

Carly Simon has recounted the time she met Donald Trump at an event in New York, and found the current President of the United States “repulsive”.

Speaking to The Guardian in a new interview, the ‘You’re So Vain’ singer recalls the time she met Trump, then a reality TV star on The Apprentice in the US, at a luncheon for Benazir Bhutto, the late prime minister of Pakistan. “When I came into the room, there was Trump and a whole bunch of New York dignitaries. Trump wasn’t paying any attention to me at all. Why would he?

“Benazir Bhutto summoned me and asked me to go into the bedroom with her and so I went and we sat on the bed and she held my hands and said: ‘I just love your music.’ We talked about different songs that were her favourites and it maybe lasted three minutes.” Watch the video for Carly Simon’s biggest hit, alongside Bond theme ‘Nobody Does It Better’, below.


It appears the respect showed to the singer by Bhutto caused a change of heart from Trump. “When I went out of the bedroom, obviously I had all of a sudden become important through the eyes of Donald Trump. So he was very anxious to meet me and invited me to Mar-a-Lago [his luxury estate in Florida] and was all over me like ugly on an ape.”

Simon says she turned down the offer straight away “because I thought he was kind of repulsive”.

Donald Trump does boast at least one famous musician as a fan, with Kanye West recently doubling down on his bizarre comments about Trump and slavery and drawing ire from various other artists, including Snoop DoggThe rap legend took a swipe at West earlier this year (September 23) over his support of the controversial President: “Kanye too. Don’t forget about him too. Fuck you too. Throw him in the bag, he right with them motherfuckers.”

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