Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine recall Phillip Schofield rugby tackle: “It was quite violent”

The band's Fruitbat infamously tackled the TV presenter during the 1991 Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine‘s Jim Bob has recalled the infamous 1991 incident where his bandmate Fruitbat rugby-tackled TV presenter Phillip Schofield during an awards show.

Jim Bob was speaking to NME for Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! as he looked back on memorable moments from across the band’s career.

Whensked in the quiz which Carter USM song Schofield’s fellow This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby filmed herself singing along to on her Snapchat in 2018 (‘The Impossible DREAM’), Jim Bob said that an interaction his manager had with Schofield prompted Willoughby to record the video.


“My manager was at a television awards dinner with Phillip Schofield, who said: ‘Give Carter my love’,” he said. “That night, after they’d had a few drinks, she’d [Willoughby] found that video and was trying to wind him up. I thought it was great and hilarious.”

Asked about his own memories of the 1991 Schofield tackle, which was broadcast on television after the band’s performance at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party was cut short, Jim Bob said that he “didn’t see it happen – I’d left the stage because I was pissed off with [Fruitbat] after he knocked everything over”.

“Someone from the BBC told me a microphone stand hit somebody in the audience and nearly killed a child. I thought: ‘That’s the end of the band – we’ve killed a child!’ And the label were having a meeting to decide on our future.

“Phillip Schofield has passed on lots of nice messages to us over the years, but at the time, it was quite violent,” he laughed. “It’s not a cheeky jump on him — he probably would have got a few punches in if he could!”

Jim Bob added: “It was on all the front pages the day after, and only became funny when we played a gig that night and the audience chanted: ‘Phillip Schofield — what a wanker!’


“Every now and then, someone will still shout that.”

Jim Bob’s latest solo album, ‘Pop Up Jim Bob‘ is available now via Cherry Red.

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