Watch ex-Fischerspooner member Casey Spooner’s carnival video for ‘I Love My Problems’

The clip was filmed at Rio Carnival in Brazil

Casey Spooner has released the carnival-set video for his song ‘I Love My Problems’ — watch the NME premiere of the celebratory video from the former Fischerspooner musician below.

Following the electronic duo’s split back in October, Spooner is now embarking on a solo career — as well as launching an unlikely bid to become US President.

The Evan Hughes-featuring single ‘I Love My Problems’, which is described as “a celebration of the perfection of perceived imperfections that make us human”, has been released along with an accompanying video which was shot during the Rio Carnival in Brazil.


Discussing the video for ‘I Love My Problems’, Spooner told NME that the clip “is a direct illustration of the philosophy of the song”.

He added: “A little over a week ago I got a call that I needed to turn a music video around ASAP. That day my friend Rui Barbosa (co-director) and I planned to go to a bloco for carnival in central Rio de Janeiro. I explained the idea to Rui at a deli as we were buying cheap booze….and we started shooting the video on his phone.

“With no playback, I sang the song a Capella in the streets all day long to strangers in the rain. It was MAGICAL!!! I was living the song in the most beautiful way. Rui and I had so much fun meeting so many amazing and beautiful people… kissing them all as [we] wandered from bloco to bloco into the night!

“I called Beatriz M. Calleja (editor) the next day and she immediately jumped on the edit. I’m very proud of this video and the experience.



Spooner, who back in November called out Madonna for allegedly not crediting him on a song which featured on her album ‘Madame X’, recently explained why people should vote for him as President later this year.

“His vast experience—as an artist, a performer, a businessman—has given him a unique set of skills necessary for these times,” a statement from ‘Spooner 2020’ reads. “He has travelled the world; he has a broad perspective on international affairs. He comes from simple means and a conservative Southern family.

“He is known as a free thinker, a trailblazer. He has conquered the worlds of art, music, fashion and, now, politics. Charisma, uniqueness, intelligence, honesty: Casey Spooner is what we need.”