Cass McCombs shares meditative new song ‘The Wine Of Lebanon’

The singer describes the track as "about ritual offerings to the departed and wine as allegory for life"

Cass McCombs has shared a new song – listen to ‘The Wine Of Lebanon’ below.

The new track, which appears to be a standalone single, follows the singer’s 2019 album ‘Tip Of The Sphere’.

“‘The Wine of Lebanon’ is a song that centers around the line: ‘what can I offer you?‘” McCombs said of the new song.


“It is about ritual offerings to the departed and wine as allegory for life. The band comprised of Dan Iead on electric guitar and pedal steel, Frank Locrasto on Rhodes and synth, Noga Shefi on bass, Yoni Shelig on drums and myself on piano.”

“They were still writing the code for LUNA in the control room as we were recording, which was thrilling. It felt a little, I mean very little, like being part of the crew of a space shuttle launch. Everyone’s guts were in knots. The ashtrays were overflowing. A nervous nation watched on live television. Families embraced in anticipation, fearing the worst. I jest.

“The recording went smooth and was a blast to do. We recorded the strings at UA’s studio in Santa Cruz a couple of months later with an arrangement by MAGIK*MAGIK ORCHESTRA.”

Reviewing last year’s ‘Tip Of The Sphere’, NME said: “The Californian acoustic king noodles away to himself on this sporadically breezy ninth album, apparently oblivious as to whether you’re listening or not.


“He’s a unique talent, no doubt, and has once again made a work on his terms. It’s at times an exasperating listen, but that’s kind of the point.”