The Scouse band join Ocean Colour Scene and Shed Seven's stance following reports about the multi-national's controversial marketing of baby milk products in the third world...

CAST have joined the NESTLE boycott following reports on NME.COM about the multi-national’s controversial marketing of baby milk products in the developing world.

The band discovered that their songs were included on two promotional CDs which Nestle have produced with Universal Music. ‘Beat Mama’ is included on a CD being given away with Golden and Cinnamon Grahams, while ‘Live The Dream’ is set to be included on a V2001 promotional CD being given away with chocolate wrappers.

Last week, NME.COM revealed Ocean Colour Scene and Shed Seven – who are also on both CDs – have both refused permission for Nestle to use their music on TV adverts after discovering the Nestle link.


Cast issued the following statement to NME.COM: “In continuation of the Nestle/Golden Grahams promotion and Best of V Festival’s promotion, Cast have also refused permission for usage of ‘Live The Dream’ in a TV commercial and have again asked both their record company and publishing company Universal to remove the track from the promotion.

“So far they have been legally refused and have asked for any fee or royalty to be donated to a relevant third world charity. The band are extremely frustrated with the lack of support from their parent companies in responding to and challenging the various accusations levelled at Nestle.

“The band would like to ask fans not to purchase or have anything to do with the promotion in question and have would like Nestle to come clean and state exactly and clearly with full co-operation with the World Health Organisation what their practices entail.”