John Power describes the new album as

CAST‘s JOHN POWER has described songs from his new album as “21st century rock’n’roll” and “Walt Disney doing Quadrophenia“.

The album, which is due out in the spring, contains string arrangements by former BJVRK collaborator DAVID ARNOLD.

It’s also the first record on which Cast have used modern studio technology, including sequencers and programming.


Power believes this, his third album, could be the record that breaks the band in America.

He said: “I know the capabilities of this band and we have yet to have our day. I would love to go over the pond with this record – we haven’t played our joker’s card in America yet. And if anything is going to do it, it’s going to be this one.”

The band have been working with former PIXIES and FOO FIGHTERS producer GIL NORTON since July at three studios, the latest one being Dave Stewart‘s The Church in north London.

Power described one of the new songs as “like THE WHO meeting LED ZEPPELIN in Harlem on a sunny day with everyone singing together”, and another as being “about little green men from outer space”.

He continued: “We’re evolving as a band and that’s the way it should be. This record is the best thing we’ve ever done and Gil told me it’s one of the favourite things he’s worked on.”

Power, a big Who fan, recorded demos for the album at former Who bassist JOHN ENTWISTLE‘s Gloucestershire studio with long-time Who engineer Bob Pridden.


Cast haven’t decided on a title for the album, but have confirmed it will preceded by a single and promoted by a tour. The band are also looking to play the major UK festivals.

Cast‘s most recent album, ‘Mother Nature Calls’, released in April 1997, went to Number Three in the charts. ‘I’m So Lonely’, released in November 1997, was their last single.

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