The Scouse rockers make their live comeback in June and prepare to release new material in the Autumn...

CAST have started work on their new album and plan to return with a new single in October, can reveal.

The follow-up to last year’s ‘Magic Hour’ album won’t be released until January 2001, but Cast will make a return to the live arena at Villa Marina in the Isle Of Man on June 2. More live shows will be announced in the coming months.

For the last six months, the band have been writing and recording in their own studio just outside Liverpool, having so far demoed 20 new songs. They’ve also held meetings with Stone Roses and Radiohead producer John Leckie with a view to working with him.


So far, the band have a handful of working titles including ‘Curtains’, ‘Jet Stream’ and ‘How Do We Get Close’.

Cast frontman John Power told “I’ve been underground for a while with a snorkel on, writing these songs and we’ve just come up for air.

“As a band we’re in the best shape creatively that we’ve ever been in. The new songs are a bit of a change in direction for us, they are much looser than before and the intention is to keep this feel through the recording of the album.”

During May, fans can catch up on the making of Cast‘s new album on their website The band will take part in live webcasts from the studio and you’ll have the chance to download, for free, snippets of new songs as they are recorded.

As well as the new studio album, Cast also plan to release a live album with the help of their fans. John Power wants Cast fans to be involved in the conception of the album, and is asking fans to send in details of their favourite shows.

If you’ve a good quality bootleg live cassette or CD then send it along to Cast, PO Box 24147, London SW18 NWT. Include your home address so the cassettes/CDs can be returned.

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