Cat Stevens’ son makes music debut

Father And Son both release albums

Cat Stevens‘ son is making his musical debut this month.

Singer-songwriter Yoriyos has attracting favourable critical reaction via his Myspace page, however fans can be forgiven for thinking he looks familiar.

Although not confirming his relationship with the veteran singer, Cat Stevens is listed prominently as an influence on the site, dropping a big hint.


Stevens, who became a Muslim in 1978 and changed his name to Yusuf Islam, named his son Muhammad Islam.

Adopting the name Yoriyos to conceal his identity, the 21 year-old singer-songwriter is releasing his debut album ’Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee’ via his own label, Rarechord, on November 27.

The release comes just two weeks after Stevens‘ first album in 28 years, ’An Other Cup’, which he brought out under the name Yusuf.

Stevens, who admits he hadn’t touched a guitar in 20 years, attributes his own return to music to Yoriyos.

“He bought a guitar back into the house and was writing songs in his bedroom,” explained the singer. “I had no idea he was doing it or that he was so talented.”

He added that as a result of being in close proximity to his son’s music instruments he was eventually tempted to play again himself.


“One morning a couple of years ago his guitar was lying around and it was difficult for me to ignore,” he said. “I picked it up, found that I remembered the chords and started to sing some words I’d been writing. It was like opening a floodgate.”

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